We are recruiting, and if you have the skills and experience to fit, we would love to have you on our team.

We are looking for a skilled Technical Skills Instructor on a full-time basis that can support our mission to increase the skills of local citizens in Coventry.

We are looking forward to hearing from individuals at any part of your career journey.

We are now looking for a talented technical skills instructor to join our team to support the delivery of the Succeed project. The project supports the skills enhancement and employability of local unemployed citizens in Coventry As part of the project, Coventry University, and Fab Lab Coventry have been tasked with training and mentoring 450 people in vocational skills and qualifications such as Digital Fabrication, Laser Cutting, 3D printing, and much more within the digital technology sphere.

Do you have an excellent knowledge and experience of Coding, Data Science or Electronics?

With a good understanding of digital manufacturing technologies such as 3 axis programming and operation for milling and laser-cutting, coding, and computer science you should have an ability to apply this knowledge to support local people within a creative learning environment.  

You must have a degree, and ideally experience of calibrating, maintaining, repairing and updating equipment.

Excellent interpersonal skills are also essential, an appreciation of other cultures, the global reach of the University and its international agenda and appropriate international and cultural awareness skills and sensitivity, as is the ability to support and promote digital inclusion.

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