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Are you delivering an ESF or AMIF funded project?

“Project beneficiaries are indeed able to sign up to multiple projects, ESF and AMIF or even occasionally AMIF and AMIF dependent on integration activities offered. 

The main principal requirement would be that when assessing a newly identified eligible beneficiary to establish whether they have or are attending another EU funded project and to find out what their integration gaps are.  Does your project offer the beneficiary additional support to enhance their integration, support not received to date.  As long as an eligible beneficiary is joining a project to participate in activities not already provided/received via another EU funded project already then there is no problem with a beneficiary hypothetically attending one project for employment activities and another for ESOL. 

 Double counting a beneficiary would only become a concern whereby a beneficiary is participating different projects for the same activities which would not necessarily amount to any added benefit to the beneficiary and double effort on part of the projects concerned supporting same activity for same individual and also there is the consideration that this could equally remove opportunity for another beneficiary in need of accessing the necessary support

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