FabLab Coventry is a city centre resource, accessible to everyone.

Coventry has a large industrial heritage; FabLab Coventry will build upon this heritage through advanced manufacturing to provide people of Coventry with the opportunity to turn ideas into reality.

FabLab Coventry is part of a network of Fab Lab’s across the world! To find out more about what a Fab Lab is and find out more about the Fab Foundation click here.

Fab Lab Coventry, falls under the programme of the ‘City University Initiative’ under the research centre “Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations”.  The programme is focused on addressing the challenges faced in Coventry through its people and communities, aiming for the University to enhance local impact and help the transformation within the social and economic evolution of the city.

We have two facilities located centrally in Coventry, offering training, resources and access to manufacturing equipment.

Our city centre based FabLab provides training and access to a range of digital fabrication manufacturing equipment.

Our Eco Furniture Factory helps to re purpose old furniture or create new unique items from recycled and materials.

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