S joined our Exceed in Coventry, European Social Funded, project due to their high interest in digital fabrication technologies, specifically 3D printing. Having a 3D printer in their home, they were keen to learn additional skills to help improve the qualities of their prints, and also to be able to create their own models rather than having to rely on someone else to do it for them.
Not only is S interested in 3D printing, they have a keen eye for “pound shop hacks”, using items found within pound shops and other budget stores to take them apart and use components to turn them into something new and unique.
Although the qualification support that was available within the project was of interest to S, the further development of their skills was of high priority to help with project ideas.

Support Received

Despite S having extensive skills in being able to create new and unique products through using hacking techniques, S was really interested in developing their computer aided design skills through forms of 2D and 3D design.
Through attendance at various different training courses with FabLab Coventry, S has not only been able to gain those valuable skills they were really keen on learning to begin with, the FabLab facilities has been able to provide a safe, community space where S can socialise with staff and other users or just take some time out from their day to rest and recuperate. S has now become a regular volunteer to FabLab, supporting with workshops, other users of FabLab and repair cafes.
Although S has no immediate plans to get back into employment at this time, they are exceptionally keen to continue to develop their skills, share their skills with other users and help out where ever possible.

“The guys at FabLab are really friendly and welcoming. Always willing to help, or just to let me eat all their biscuits and drink all the coffee.” (laughs)

Quote from S


S has managed to successfully gain and achieve a level 1 and level 2 qualification in Digital Fabrication with FabLab Coventry to help them along their skills and personal development journey. However, the progress S has made goes far beyond physical achievements in terms of certification and project specific outcomes, and they are a credit to the FabLab community.

“S has come a massive way from our first meeting. Initially cautious about providing us with their information for registration, to now being a bustling and really important member of our community, it has been fantastic to see how far they have come.”

Quote from FabLab Advisor
Exceed in Coventry – Participant Story
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