Three Inspirational women from CTPSR FabLab are using their creative and technical skills to widen access to Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM).

The Fab Lab team make the most of their creative and technical skills to widen participation in science, bringing traditionally complex scientific challenges to life in accessible fun ways.

FabLab is an Inspirational STEAM community maker space that combines research and citizen science with practical activities to support vulnerable communities and the circular economy. It includes a number of community spaces in Coventry where all are welcome and the kettle is always on.

Sinead Ouillon, Founder FabLab Coventry

“Our FabLab team are truly expert at making complex scientific concepts and technology extremely fun, accessible and achievable.  Their informal/creative learning approaches have engaged thousands of typically underrepresented people in STEM, we are very proud of their efforts.

About the team

Claire Corbey is an artist who uses a range of traditional and digital processes; ranging from painting, printmaking, textiles, installation and sculpture to digital media, and graphic design. Claire brings these skills to her outreach and research activity in FabLab; teaching skills in STEM activities with specific expertise in digital design and manufacturing, prototyping, photographic image-manipulation, 3D modelling, sustainable fashion and wearable technologies.

Hilary Wray has a background in product development with a focus on toy / craft kits and additive manufacturing. She has brought this industry expertise to Fablab through 3d modelling and digital sculpting workshops, prototyping workshops and introduction sessions such as digital making tools including vinyl cutters, laser cutters, 3d printers and CNC routers. She also runs workshops on circuitry and basic electronics workshops.

Indie Prasad is a multi-disciplinary artist with an educational background in Fine Art (BA (Hons) Fine Art and MA in Visual Arts). Her creative practice has involved audio-based work, programming and experimental sculpture for several years and she has been part of several projects, exhibitions and commissions as a freelance AV artist. At FabLab she teaches introductions into programming with microcontrollers, visual data flow programming with audio, Processing IDE, E-textiles, basic electronics and audio editing.  

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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