What is it?

Our online coffee mornings are a chance for you us to catch up with members of the FabLab and to meet new ones. For new members it is a chance to meet the team and meet new people, getting to know how we and others can support you in your making journeys. For established members it’s a chance to catch up, talk about any project ideas and share any ideas you might need some help with.

When are the sessions?

Every Tuesday morning our online coffee mornings are live using Zoom. The sessions are all drop in, between 10am – 12pm, meaning anyone who joins does not need to commit to the full two hours. You can “drop in” any time in the hours and be greeted by some Friendly FabLab Faces.

How do the sessions run?

The coffee mornings are an informal way of keeping connected during this time. There is no set agenda, nothing you need to prepare and no restriction on how many people can join.

How to join?

All the sessions are ran using Zoom. All you need to join is an internet connection, either by computer or phone and Zoom installed on your device.

Online Coffee Mornings
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