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    • Employment Skills & Support Sessions
      FabLab Coventry is committed to supporting you with your training and development goals. Through other sessions we offer, we cover vocational skills in areas of your interest, but we also see your bigger career and employment goals. This March we have added some new employment-specific sessions to help you get work ready, from the initial
    • Find out more about Your Vision Your Future
      About Your Vision Your Future Your Vision Your Future is an outreach programme with is part-funded by the European Social Fund and supported under the Youth Employment Initiative. The ESF invests in people, with a focus on improving employment and education opportunities across the European Union. Am I eligible? Your Vision Your Future is for
    • Find out more about Collaborate to Train Coventry and Warwickshire
      Collaborate to Train Coventry and Warwickshire is a £1.7m project that is part-funded by the European Social Fund, running until December 2023. Collaborate to Train has been launched to further boost the development of micro, small and medium enterprises across Coventry and Warwickshire. Project Partners include:Warwickshire College GroupCoventry University Social EnterpriseCoventry CollegeCoventry City CouncilSolihull College
    • Find out more about MyCoventry
      In January 2021, Coventry City Council launched a two-year partnership called MyCoventry. The project addresses local, social and economic inequalities that hinder the way young people and adults from migrant communities interact and become part of the local area. The specialist partnership intends to bridge service gaps, provide mentoring, coaching and holistic interventions to support client
    • Find out more about SUCCEED
      Succeed helps people aged 16+ living in Coventry who are looking for work to boost their knowledge, skills and confidence. Succeed can support you to move towards employment and reach your potential. The project can help break down barriers to work by providing personalised, one to one support that is uniquely focussed to your needs. Succeed can support
    • Connect2
      Connect2 at FabLab Coventry We are excited to be a part of Connect2 – a new, European funded, city-wide project aimed at getting members of our community into education and employment through the delivery of training, skills development and community building activities. FabLab Coventry is looking for new learners to join the community, gain new
    • (no title)
      Connect Me, a part European Social Funded project, ran 2017 – 2020, concluding in March 2020, supporting Coventry’s long term unemployed and economically inactive people, aiming to make it easier for those experiencing barriers, back into employment, education or further training. FabLab Coventry supported participants to learn new skills through entry level courses centred on
    • Exceed in Coventry
      Exceed in Coventry, a part European Social Funded project, ran 2017 – 2020, concluding in March 2020, supporting local Coventry residents, enabling them to progress into education, training, job search or employment through tailor designed help. FabLab Coventry support ranged through entry level courses centred on computer aided design (CAD) and IT, and pre-employment support
    • EIT Briefcase of Minerals Applications
      Briefcase of Mineral applications is an EIT Raw Materials funded project, ran October 2018 – December 2019, aimed to bring the opportunity to learn more about minerals through hands-on experience, specifically targeting to train teachers and children. Looking to demystify the use of mineral applications and raise knowledge of mining activities through practical and fun
    • Find out more about Collaborate To Train
      Collaborate to Train, a part European Social Funded project, is a three year project, running 2017-2020, engaging with local small businesses to support them to increase their involvement in the education and workforce training system. Working closely with SMEs to encourage and support them to take on more work experience, interns and apprentices. FabLab Coventry,

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