Exceed in Coventry, a part European Social Funded project, ran 2017 – 2020, concluding in March 2020, supporting local Coventry residents, enabling them to progress into education, training, job search or employment through tailor designed help. FabLab Coventry support ranged through entry level courses centred on computer aided design (CAD) and IT, and pre-employment support including opportunities to become trainers to deliver FabLab activity to others.

  • Exceed in Coventry – Participant Story
    Overview S joined our Exceed in Coventry, European Social Funded, project due to their high interest in digital fabrication technologies, specifically 3D printing. Having a 3D printer in their home, they were keen to learn additional skills to help improve the qualities of their prints, and also to be able to create their own models rather than having to rely on someone else to do it for
Exceed in Coventry

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