Collaborate to Train, a part European Social Funded project, is a three year project, running 2017-2020, engaging with local small businesses to support them to increase their involvement in the education and workforce training system. Working closely with SMEs to encourage and support them to take on more work experience, interns and apprentices. FabLab Coventry, provides a unique and informal city-centre space to bring together employers and young people, enabling SMEs without the physical capacity to host placements to deliver work experience projects.

  • Collaborate to Train – Escape Live
    Overview Escape Live, originally opened their doors in Birmingham, roughly 5 years ago. Since then, they have expanded in size opening an additional four sites
  • Collaborate to Train – Purdy’s Pet Shop
    Overview Purdy’s Pet Shop, a new, community-orientated shop specialising in pet food and accessories, approached FabLab Coventry to help them develop environmentally sustainable packaging. The
  • Collaborate to Train – Sarnies
    Overview Sarnies, a local Coventry catering entity, was one of the first companies to engage with the Collaborate to Train (CTT) project. They had multiple
  • Collaborate to Train – Sponnie
    Overview: Upon hearing about the Collaborate to Train (CTT) project, a local Artist, Mary Courtney, approached the FabLab to create a mechanical fish as part
  • Collaborate to Train – Takeo
    Overview Michael Takeo Magruder, is an international recognised visual artist, with over 20 years industry experience, showcased in over 280 exhibitions in 35 countries. In
  • Collaborate to Train – Vertifex
    Overview Vertifex are a local company specialising in using innovative cutting edge, computer aided design and digital fabrication technology, delivering visual solutions to realise concepts,
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