What will you be doing on this workshop?

On this intro to laser cutting session, you will learn how to set the laser cutter up for your own personal projects, learn what things are possible and not, what different types of materials can be used on a laser cutter and how you would set up your files correctly ready for cutting.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the process for laser cutting a design
  2. Understand the correct process for setting up a laser cutter

Aims of the session:

1.1 Identify the health and safety issues associated with laser cutting
1.2 Outline process for using laser cutting software to prepare design for cutting
1.3 Give examples of different settings that can be altered in cutting software
2.1 Be able to save designs in appropriate formats for laser cutting
2.2 Demonstrate the correct process for setting up a laser cutter, including a sample test cut
2.3 Employ health and safety practices relevant to laser cutting
2.4 Work safely when involved in laser cutting tasks

How long is the workshop?

As everyone learns at different speeds, the workshop is always delivered at your pace, usually taking 1 hour.
Session times are usually run between 10am & 2pm of given days, but occasionally we do change the timings around to try to suit everyone’s availability.
We do also allow for additional time or a return for future sessions if you would like to or need to stay on for a bit longer to finish off.

Who is it aimed at?

Generally, anyone over the age of 16years, living in Coventry and unemployed are eligible to register onto our courses. Please check out of project funding for full eligibility criteria.
Workshop class sizes are always kept to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure everyone is able to get enough support and any 1-2-1 support that may be required.

Are there any entry requirements?

Everyone needs to have completed a registration with us prior to being allocated a space on any activities.
If you are not registered already, please follow this link: https://fablabcov.coventry.ac.uk/register-2345
No formal entry requirements or previous experience necessary. This session is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with prior knowledge and skills.
Basic computer skills are a benefit, as you will be designing your own graphics on a computer during the session.
Anyone who is looking to use the laser cutter to work on their own personal projects or more generally looking to build their practical skills would benefit from completing this workshop.

What qualification will I gain from it?

Learners on the programme will earn ‘digital badges’ in recognition for completing workshops, programmes and getting involved in FabLab Coventry projects. You will be able to keep your badges forever and share what you have achieved with employers, your online community via social media, or potential education providers.

Intro to Laser Cutting

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