Digital & Craft Skills: Upcycling textiles – 19th April, 3D Modelling – 20th April, Jewellery Making – 25th April, Stencil Making – 26th April, Digital Sculpting – 27th April, E-Textiles – 28th April
Employment Skills: Prototype Development – 13th April, Cover Writing – 14th April, CV Writing – 14th April, Interview Skills – 17th April, Personal Statement Writing – 17th April
Coding & Programming Skills: Audio Programming – 3rd April, Creative Coding with Processing – 20th April, Programming with Arduino – 21st April, Audio Editting – 24th April
Intro Skills: Intro to 3D Printing – 3rd April, Intro to vinyl cutting – 12th April, Intro to Laser cutting – 12th April, Intro to 2D Design – 18th April
Easter activities: Easter bunny wreaths – 4th April, Eggbots – 5th April, Easter chick digital sculpting – 6th April

Loads of workshops are available this April with some additional opportunities with an Easter theme.

Spaces are limited. If you are already registered with us, please contact: to book a space, alternatively follow the link below to register.

What’s on – April 2023

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