We would love your input on how to make Coventry more climate friendly please help us, name neighbourhoods, streets, specific ideas and we will work hard to get the resources to make them become a reality.

Click here to access digital feedback board, to find out more or get support with navigating the mural, join our Tuesday Virtual Coffee Morning 10am-12pm on Zoom.

If you are using a mobile/tablet device:

Open your browser
Change your browser settings to ‘desktop site’
Copy link for mural into browser: https://app.mural.co/t/coventryuniversity7666/m/coventryuniversity7666/1615561285463/694c2459125045cc4d4f1f4dbe3efd4bc3624d85

Climate Friendly Coventry – Have your say!

One thought on “Climate Friendly Coventry – Have your say!

  • 15 March 2021 at 2:30 am

    It’s depend on what you would like to do.
    If you looking for some easy steps to establish few small projects which are disconnected and isolated so they can have limited impact and they are unviable in the long run. Made many hackathon events with same illusion already. The result usually some satisfied and boastful web content and few weeks later many disappointed activist.

    Or you wish to make a long lasting impact?
    In SDG the biggest barriers that prevent greater citizen participation is the people mind it self and the result of the whole SDG program under big risk by the human factor.
    Citizen Social Science for More Integrative and Effective Climate Action: A Science-Policy Perspective


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